Membership FAQs



  1. What is the difference between Standard Membership and Prime?

Standard is similar to the membership The Center has always offered. It provides access to about 80% of our programs, with fee-based programs and services available à la carte.Prime membership is all inclusive, providing access to all programs, including those with fees, except for travel, services such as massage, and designated special events or programs. For members who participate in fee-based programs, it is almost always cheaper to be a Prime member!


  1. Is access to the equipped fitness room included in Prime membership?

Yes!  Access to the fitness room is one of the benefits of Prime membership. Standard members are welcome to use the fitness room an additional fee of $15/month.


  1. Can you pay for Prime membership by the month?

Yes, you can pay for either standard or prime membership monthly.


  1.  My spouse and I have a household membership.  Can one of us go for Standard and one for Prime?

Absolutely!  We will work out the cost for you when you join or renew.


  1. What if I buy a year’s membership and then change my mind about what kind I want?

           No problem. We can change your membership at any time and rework your cost.


  1. What are the benefits of a Prime membership?

In addition to access to the equipped fitness room, you receive a certificate for a trial month of membership to share with a friend or family member, a 20% discount on facility rental, and a $20 git card for the Greenberry’s Coffee Co. at The Center at Belvedere. You also have the opportunity to explore nearly all of The Center’s programs without worrying about the cost!


  1. I heard there is a benefit to renewing my membership before January 31, 2020.

True! If you renew your membership before January 31, you receive a bonus month of membership, and, once Belvedere opens, a $15 Greenberry’s gift card and a $20 travel Credit.


  1. When do the benefits of Prime membership start?

          When we open the doors at The Center at Belvedere. Renew now and we will pro-rate your cost so you will pay the new Belvedere Prime rate only for those months we will be at our new address.


  1.  Are scholarships still available for membership and programs?

      Yes. Contact Judy Gardner at 434.974.7756 for more information.


  1.  I have a Standard membership.  Can I still try out programs for free before committing to them?

        Yes, we encourage everyone to try our programs one time for free. For more information about programing at The Center, visit our website,

Questions? Please email Judy or call 434.974.7756.   Our Staff business hours are M-F, 8:30 am–4:30 pm.