What we do and why


We positively impact our community by creating opportunities for healthy aging through social engagement, physical well-being, civic involvement, creativity, and lifelong learning.
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To be a community that understands and embraces the power of healthy aging to positively transform lives.


Healthy Aging for All: Everyone should have the opportunities that aging brings. In our work to extend healthy life expectancy and quality of life for everyone, The Center is committed to creating an environment that is welcoming, just, equitable, and inclusive, without biases or discrimination based on differences of any kind. Because the only healthy environment is one that reflects and respects the rich diversity of the communities we serve. Learn about The Center's equity work. Read organizational statement.

Community Impact: We are an indispensable resource committed to being the nexus for the transformative power of healthy aging, serving the needs and harnessing the energy and experience of our participants to enrich the community in which we live.

Holistic Wellness: We consider it a privilege and responsibility to provide a diversity of programs and activities centered on holistic wellness and proven to promote longer, healthier, happier lives.

Industry Leadership: We aspire to be a recognized expert and leader in the field of aging based on our innovative programming and talented, motivated staff.

Excellence: We strive for excellence and inclusiveness in the management and governance of our organization and in the execution of our programs and activities.

Fiscal Responsibility: We are committed to a self-supporting, non-profit business model. We manage our finances responsibly and work collaboratively to achieve our mission and ensure the future financial security of the organization.