Level One Walking

Level One Walking
Next session: Friday, June 21, 2024 | 9:00am-10:00am


New time:    Winter:      October through April  10:00 am

                      Summer:    May through September 9:00 am

Details:  Center member and Nutrition and Wellness Counselor Gary Denny leads a group activity for folks who haven’t exercised in a while and would like to begin at an easy pace. Join others at the same level of physical fitness and have a good time outdoors. Feel free to bring a friend, they're welcome to join us. Email Gary agarythenutritionguy@gmail.com for details and any questions you have. Free and open to all.

The activity is held Friday mornings at Pen Park in Charlottesville (about 1/2 mile from the Center.) Pen Park Location  We will meet at the parking lot near the first set of tennis courts. The parking lot is on the left after you enter the park. 

In the event of rain, the activity will be held inside Fashion Square Mall.  The time would be 10am as the mall doesn't open any earlier.  Meet us in the middle of the mall where the coffee shop used to be.


Level 1 Group The Easy Walkers: For those who haven’t exercised in a while or may have a few minor physical limitations.  This group will hike on flatter, generally paved areas of the park.  Pace and difficulty levels will be easy.  We will walk for about an hour and will go around 1 mile.  As always, no one is expected or required to go any particular distance or pace.  Do what you are comfortable with.  If you are uncertain about your abilities, please check with your physician to see if it is safe for you to start a new exercise program.

Level 2 Group The Happy Walkers: For folks of average physical condition who are looking for a bit more of a hike at a moderate pace.  We will be exploring the longer trails the park has to offer and will be walking on mostly unpaved trails.  The pace and difficulty level would be considered moderate and will involve walking up and down some hills.

Open to all.

Pen Park