Recorder Lessons (February)

Recorder Lessons (February)
Wednesday, November 24, 2021


Meets every Wednesday from1:30-3:00 pm.

Learn the recorder, make music, and have fun! Gary Porter, a longtime musician, teacher and lifetime member of the American Recorder Society, shares her love of the recorder and the music you can make with it. No experience is necessary; new members to the group are accepted at any time.

You will need to supply your own recorder. Ms. Porter uses the Suzuki Recorder Methods books (soprano or alto) for class instruction. She recommends the Yamaha ECODEAR  instruments with Baroque fingering.  Please consider beginning with the alto recorder if you are a new to the recorder. All appropriate supplies can be purchased online from the following vendors:, West, Music &, Sweet, Shar, or If you have questions please contact Gary.

$25/month for Standard members and guests. Free for Prime members.

Open to all.

The Center

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Recorder Lessons (February)

Prime Members (February) $0.00
Standard members and guests (February) $25.00