Summer Silent Film Series

Summer Silent Film Series
Next session: Tuesday, May 28, 2024 | 5:30pm-7:30pm


Come and enjoy a silent film on the BIG screen, accompanied by live piano. 

May 28 - The Man Who Laughs (1928), starring Conrad Veidt and lavishly produced by Universal Studios. It is based on the Victor Hugo novel and its main character was the inspiration for the Joker character in the Batman series. 

June 26 - Metropolis (1927) The Futurist Sci-Fi German masterpiece directed by Fritz Lang. It includes flying cars and video conference phones.  

July 24- Sparrows - (1926) starring America's sweetheart, Mary Pickford. Mary must protect a group of orphans from an evil guardian.  

August 28- City Lights (1931) by Charlie Chaplin - Charlie's antics help pay for an operation that restores a florist's eyesight.  

Experience the film with live piano accompaniment by UVA Film lecturer, Matt Marshall. This is how movies were experienced in the theater for the first 30 years before "talking" pictures.  

Open to all.

The Center

Seats available: 100

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