Online Sketching Class with Jane Skafte

Online Sketching Class with Jane Skafte
Wednesday, July 1, 2020


This class is held each Wednesday for four weeks until July 22nd

This Sketching class enables you to discover your own style and develop a kind of shorthand that helps you find a way of working that "summarizes" the overwhelming amount of detail in any subject. You will learn to record what you see and represent it in the most economical way.

We will cover sketching, doodling and noodling, which is shading with pencil and ink to show light and dark and texture. I will be referring to Bert Dodson's books "Keys to Drawing" and "Keys to Drawing with Imagination" for exercises (both available on Amazon) and will send PDFs of material that we will cover in advance of your class.

Participants will receive an email shortly before class with the zoom meeting link and ID number.

Recommended Supplies:

Sketchbook with paper recommended for mixed media

index cards

several pencils (hard and soft)

pencil sharpener


drawing pens

Open to all.


Sorry, this event has sold out!