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Volunteering at The Center

As volunteers, you are the very Heart and Soul of this community.

Volunteers at The Center provide 65% of the labor required to run the Center and they give over 66,000+ hours of service to the community. It is impossible to completely understand the enormity of this gift. The blessing is that those who give also receive. Clinical studies have shown that seniors who volunteer are happier, have an increased sense of well-being, enjoy broader social networks, and live longer! To find your volunteer niche, call Bobbi Hughes at 974-7756 or email Coordinator of Volunteer Resources.


Crafty Ladies need volunteers

If you enjoy knitting or crocheting for others, we invite you to volunteer with the Center's Crafty Ladies. The group meets each Wednesday from 9:30 to 11:30 am and works on projects with yarn that has been donated to the cause. Bring your talent, skill, and interest to projects that include hats for newborns, hats and mitten sets for MAACA, lap robes, blankets, and more. Yarn is donated to assist our group in the projects they complete each year. Join other volunteers in this fun, social, and altruistic group!


Friday Garden Cafe Attendant needed

The café is searching for a volunteer to help out a few hours each week.  We specifically need a volunteer for Friday morning 8:30 – 11:30 am shift.  The café provides a supportive, warm and friendly environment available in offering nutritious food, supported by our friendly volunteers.  In order to ensure the ongoing sustainability of our café, we need volunteers to assist in its operations so that we can continue to offer this much needed open social environment for our members and guests. 


Gratitude Brigade

Are you thankful for The Center? We are currently seeking volunteers to help the Philanthropy department thank our many supporters. We need individuals with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, warm and open personalities, sound judgment, resourcefulness and discretion. This role works closely with the Philanthropy Director and Coordinator to make phone calls and/or write notes thanking donors for their gifts. Need friends that are committed to the vision and values of The Center. Come join our team.


Lawn Care Crew Volunteers

The weather’s is warmer and The Center needs your help. We need volunteers who have an affinity for keeping a well-kept lawn.  And you probably know that an overgrown lawn is not safe for Senior’s to be walking over and really just not a nice thing for our members and guests to see as they enter our building every day.  Lawn mower is provided and the mowing can be done so it fits into your schedule.  If you love working outdoors, this is the perfect volunteer opportunity. Volunteers will be needed from May to October to help with cutting the grass, trimming, pulling weeds, raking, etc.  Come and spend the summer with us outdoors!


Lobby Ambassador volunteers

The Center is searching for lobby ambassadors.  This volunteer position will assist members/guests with a warm welcome as they enter the lobby and promote MySeniorCenter check-in and enhanced communication, customer-service oriented individual, willingness to direct and escort tours with the ability to convey a positive image. Training is provided.


Monthly Luncheon Volunteers

The Center is searching for volunteers to assist with Monthly Luncheon service including: setting and arranging tables, kitchen duties, serving with a smile and cleaning up.  May work every-month or every-other month.  Direction and training provided on each responsibility.  Assistance is greatly needed and we would appreciate your support!


Office Assistant Volunteer

If you enjoy working behind the scenes, consider becoming an office assistant volunteer at The Center.  The position requires specific skills in Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, and Word.  The schedule can be flexible.   Come join the team.  Contact Bobbi Hughes , Coordinator of Volunteer Resources if interested.


Rose Garden and Volunteers

The Center's Rose Garden loves volunteers, they make the garden bloom.  The Garden exists largely because of volunteers that care for it on a seasonal basis.

This rose garden is a cooperative project between The Center and Piedmont Master Gardeners. It’s a demonstration garden, and Master Gardeners work with center members and others in the community to maintain it from March through November for teaching all aspects of rose care.

As outreach agents of the state’s Cooperative Extension, Piedmont Master Gardeners bring horticultural science from Virginia’s land-grant universities to gardeners of all ages to benefit the community in multiple ways — one of which is contributing to physical and emotional health.

While some gardeners specialize, most do it all, working with a range of botanicals and planting from seeds, seedlings, grafts or bulbs.  And though it can be as physically demanding as you want it to be — digging, planting, weeding, watering, fertilizing, deadheading, pruning, winterizing — there is a role for everyone.

Someone once said that a gardener’s work is never done. There is always rose and bloom work at The Center!  Contact us if you would like to volunteer with our rose garden crew.

The Rose Garden also is a welcome respite from the hectic pace, a peaceful place to “stop and smell the roses” for our members and community.


SEW & SEWS need volunteers

Sewing enthusiasts have been sewing for others in need since the invention of needle and thread. You name it: blankets, quilts, hats, mittens, dresses, layettes, are just a few of the many types of projects that have been made with love by those who love to sew! The Sew & Sews are looking for volunteers to assist with their projects. The group's main project is producing medical dolls for UVA Children's Hospital. There is hand sewing, pattern making, stuffing, and more. The group meets every Monday 10:00-11:30 am. No experience is needed; we will teach you with our materials. Come have fun and give back to young children and a great organization! 


Travel Reservation Agent Volunteer

Amazing volunteer opportunity!

Are you proficient in MS Access, Word, and Excel?  Can  you use your smart phone smartly? Do you have  good organizational skills; pay attention to detail; with top-notch problem solving skills; ability to multi-task; and excellent customer service skills?  Are you reliable, consistent, with research skills and able to make a one-year commitment?  Then you want to volunteer as a.…….

........Travel Reservation Agent Volunteer 


Welcome Desk Substitute Volunteers

Be the 1st smile our members and guests see, at our Welcome Desk! The desk volunteer position hosts a set of multitasking duties, mastering knowledge of The Center policies and procedures, providing excellent customer service, answering phones, greeting members/guests, accepting payments, scheduling appointments, computer skills a must; and collaborating with staff. Looking for volunteers with upbeat personalities and a need to grow and expand their skill set. Help us promote our mission in keeping seniors healthy, engaged and independent in our community. Shifts available: Substitutes only.


Write cards to the Troops - Operation postcard

Do you have 5 minutes? Why not write a postcard or note to the troops? The Blue Star Families of Central Virginia will send your message with their regular packages to troops five times a year.  You can find cards and postcards on the round table in the lobby, near the library entrance.  Once your card is completed, please place it in our red, white, and blue mail box in the De Lawter library.  The troops tell us the most cherished items in the packages are the personal notes of appreciation from Americans. We welcome as many letters, notes, and postcards as you can provide.  See the Coordinator of Volunteer Resources to do this on a regular schedule.