Thursdays Around 5

Thursdays Around 5
Next session: Thursday, April 25, 2024 | 5:02pm-7:00pm


Enjoy live performances that showcase area musicians! This is a great opportunity to hear your favorite bands or be introduced to new ones. 

Theocles Herrin  
Thursday, April 25, 5:02-7:00 pm
This 25-year-old singer-songwriter from Charlottesville takes the stage with nothing but a guitar, a loop pedal, and a mic, using his soulful voice to carry the audience through a range of tearful ballads to pop bangers.
Thomas Gunn
Thursday, May 23, 5:01-7:00 pm
A longtime staple on the Charlottesville music scene, Gunn’s regular gig is with Batesville-based band The Pollocks, in which he plays lead guitar and co-writes with the band’s founder, Jason Pollock. He previously released two solo albums, Conversations with a Wishing Well and Don’t Change Your Mind, and contributed to Jeff Sweatman’s All the Best …From Six Feet Away. Gunn’s original work delivers a delightful fusion of folk and country with deft guitar, poignant lyrics, and unscripted humor. 
Don't Look Up
Thursday, June 27, 5:01-7:00 pm
Featuring Andy Burdetsky (bass/vocals), Dave Sherman (guitar/vocals), Rob Martin (guitar/vocals), and Lance Foster (drums/vocals). Don't Look Up will have everyone rocking to their awesome Americana music that's deeply rooted in the Blues! You DON'T want to miss this show!

Open to all.

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