Thursdays Around 5

Thursdays Around 5
Thursday, February 22, 2024 | 5:02pm-7:00pm


Enjoy live performances that showcase area musicians! This is a great opportunity to hear your favorite bands or be introduced to new ones. Greenberry's will be open for beverages. Bring your own snacks to enjoy during the concert!

The Pollocks
Thursday, February 22, 5:02-7:00 pm
The Pollocks are led by Jason Pollock, former guitarist and songwriter for Seven Mary Three. The music can best be described as American rock, with the right amount of soul: The Rolling Stones meets Jefferson Airplane. 
Mojo Pie
Thursday, March 28, 5:03-7:00 pm
Mojo Pie is Susan Munson and Frank Bechter on acoustic guitar and bass, playing their fun filled originals and eclectic covers. Their voices meld in rich harmony and they’ll have you singing along with them! 
Theocles Herrin  
Thursday, April 25, 5:04-7:00 pm
This 25-year-old singer-songwriter from Charlottesville takes the stage with nothing but a guitar, a loop pedal, and a mic, using his soulful voice to carry the audience through a range of tearful ballads to pop bangers.
Thomas Gunn
Thursday, May 23, 5:01-7:00 pm
A longtime staple on the Charlottesville music scene, Gunn’s regular gig is with Batesville-based band The Pollocks, in which he plays lead guitar and co-writes with the band’s founder, Jason Pollock. He previously released two solo albums, Conversations with a Wishing Well and Don’t Change Your Mind, and contributed to Jeff Sweatman’s All the Best …From Six Feet Away. Gunn’s original work delivers a delightful fusion of folk and country with deft guitar, poignant lyrics, and unscripted humor. 

Open to all.

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