Percussion 102

Percussion 102
Next session: Tuesday, September 26, 2023 | 1:30pm-3:00pm


Tuesdays, September 12-November 28 (12 week series)
Dec. 12 is a make up session
This class is for those who have completed the Percussion 101 Class or the more experienced percussionist and drum set players looking to get more hands on with making music.
Score study for beginners, analyzing how percussion and drum parts have been written for movie soundtracks, classical music, jazz and rock music and then playing them in a class setting! We'll even have a drum set recording session so you can hear yourself play along with the music you've been working on. This is a judgement free zone! We're here to have fun and learn.All you need is a pair of drumsticks and a binder. Everything else is provided thanks to Michael Auman and the band programs at The Center. Registration required.

Open to all.

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Percussion 102

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