Piedmont Pastelists

Piedmont Pastelists
Next session: Monday, February 12, 2024 | 1:00pm-3:00pm


2nd Monday of each month, 1:00pm-3:00pm

Join a congenial group of artists who gather to practice their pastel painting skills. Each may bring a work in progress for a constructive group critique. 


To join by Zoom, click on this link a few minutes before 1 pm



Noting the lack of a chalk pastel society in Virginia, in August 2001, Dick Carpenter invited Charlottesville regional artists in that media to meet at Michaels Arts and Crafts store at Barracks Road shopping center. Many were members of the Central Virginia Watercolor Guild, which had long admitted pastel as a water compatible “mixed” medium, but not as a feature of the CVWG activities. The result of the meeting was, quite purposefully, an “un-organization” with NO membership requirements, bylaws, officers, dues, agendas, minutes, quorum, name-tags, committees, etc. Just like-minded people enjoying meeting to exchange ideas and experiences about pastel materials and techniques, constructive criticism, and “show and tell.” The format is a mutual critique -- an examination, not fault-finding. Suggestions for overcoming problems are a part of critiquing. The choice of subject and style of a painting are not topics of critique. Some elements of Critique: 1. Overall Composition - Division of space. 2. Shapes and values 3. Form –shadows-placement of each of the elements 4. Perspective- Illusion of depth 5. Color harmony 6. Paths for the viewer’s eye 7. Center of interest - 8. Principles of Design. Assuring that there is a “message”. All attending artists are active producers, serious about their work, open to criticism, willing to present “work-in-progress," and constructive in their comments and suggestions. Although pastels are the featured media, other problem-paintings may be introduced.

Open to all.

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