Non-Surgical Solutions

Non-Surgical Solutions
Next session: Tuesday, June 4, 2024 | 4:00pm-5:00pm


First and Third Tuesday of Each Month

Dr. Shawn Pallotti educates attendees about various joint problems and non-surgical interventions that can improve their quality of life. This program seeks to empower people with knowledge and resources to improve their health and wellness, fostering independence and promoting an active lifestyle. Free and Open to all.

Dr Shawn Pallotti, DC 25 years in practice over 1.4 million treatments, speaker, ART, Graston certified. Licensed VA Board of Medicine.

Program Outline:

1. Introduction: Brief overview of the program's objective and benefits. 

2. Monthly Joint Focus:

March 19   Session 4 - Back: Exploring common back problems and non-surgical management.

April 2  Session 5 - Shoulders: Delving into shoulder issues and non-surgical remedies.

April 16   Session 6 - Neck: Discussing neck problems and non-surgical solutions.

May 7   Session 7 - Head: Understanding headaches related to joint issues and non-surgical interventions.

May 21   Session 8 - Hands: Focusing on hand joint health and non-surgical treatments.

June 4   Session 9 - Nerve Pain; Focus on common nerve entrapments and how to reduce nerve pain.

 June 18  Session 10 - Inflammation: How to naturally reduce whole body inflammation and pain.

 July 2  Session 11 - IV for Wellness: Talking about infusion options and how to help pain and general wellness.

 July 16  Session 12 - Stress Less; How to Navigate stress to help pain and enjoy activities.

3. Body Assessments

4. Q&A: A session for participants to seek clarification, share experiences, and provide feedback.

5. Wrap-up: Summary of the session's learnings, preview of the next session

Open to all.

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