The Mediterranean Diet Made Easy

The Mediterranean Diet Made Easy
Next session: Monday, February 12, 2024 | 10:00am-11:00am


10:00-11:00 am Mondays, February 5-March 11

Numerous studies have shown that the Mediterranean Diet boosts health and well-being due to its nutritional foundations and the Mediterranean approach to making meals enjoyable. The Mediterranean Diet isn’t based on restrictions, but rather on enjoying a wide variety of healthy whole foods. In this six-week course, Merope Pavlides, previous caterer and owner of a farm-to-table restaurant, focuses on how to easily incorporate Mediterranean Diet strategies into meal planning by examining the fundamentals of the region’s cuisines and sharing delicious, approachable recipes. Tasting samples will be provided. Material Fee is $20 due to instructor at the start of class. Class registration fee is free and open to all, you must be registered to attend this class. RSVP below!

Instructor Bio: Merope Pavlides grew up in a Greek-American home in which the Mediterranean Diet was the norm. In addition, Merope has been the owner/operator of a catering business in Wisconsin and the owner/operator of a local farm-to-table restaurant. She believes that eating healthfully should be easy and fun!


Six Week Program:

Week 1: Introduction to Mediterranean Diet Fundamentals

Week 2: Legumes (Sample recipes might include Easy Cassoulet, Hummus, Greek Lentil Soup)

Week 3: Vegetables and Fruits (Sample recipes might include Caponata, Easy Spanakopita Bites, Orange-Pomegranate Salad, French Pear Tart)

Week 4: Grains, Nuts, and Seeds (Sample recipes might include Tabouleh, Greek Pasta Salad, Ancient Grain Stuffed Peppers, Whole Wheat Olive Oil Cake, Halvah)

Week 5: Eggs and Dairy (Sample recipes might include Tunisian Shakshuka, Tzatziki, Kefir Breakfast Smoothie, Kale-Mushroom Strata)

Week 6: Fish and Meat (Sample recipes might include Niçoise Salad, Garlic-Parmesan Baked Flounder, Greek Pastitsio, Harissa Baked Salmon.)

Open to all.

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Cancellation Policy: If you cannot attend this class after registering, please let us know by emailing or contacting our Front Desk. Due to the need to purchase supplies in advance, cancellations with fewer than 7 days' notice will be charged the materials fee.

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