World War II Discussion Group

World War II Discussion Group
Next session: Thursday, July 11, 2024 | 12:00pm-1:30pm


Meets the 2nd Thursday of every month

Come and join the World War II discussion group. Join us as we explore a wide variety of topics from particular battles, military training, the psychological effects on veterans, and life on the home front. Every month a club member or outside speaker will present their research on some aspect of World War II. This could be a formal or informal presentation on a WWII book or personal research. A discussion period and time to socialize will follow. Share stories and learn together with people that share an interest in all things related to World War II. Warren Laws and Susan Howe are the facilitators.

Thursday, July 11 - Earlier this year, Lydia Kessler gave an engaging talk about her vacation as a young girl traveling with her family to visit relatives in 1938 Nazi Germany. In June, Lydia will share her memories of life on the Homefront during World War II as a teenage daughter of German immigrant parents. This is a unique opportunity to hear from someone who lived in the U.S. during the deadliest conflict in history.

Thursday, August 8 - Richard Ranellone will talk about his book, The Aüslander (The Outsider), the story of a WW2 German corporal, Erich Keppler, who was captured and held as a POW in Texas during WW2.  Being a POW presented challenges in dealing with the pro-Nazi, anti-Nazi and neutral groups. Returning home, Keppler’s family considered him an outsider. Could he pursue his dream career as a rocket engineer in post-war Germany?  Or would he need to leave his fatherland to achieve success? It will be interesting to compare this story to that of the sailor, Karl Baumann, presented by Greg Owen in April.

This group is free and open to the public. 

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