Native American Indigenous Studies - October 17

Native American Indigenous Studies - October 17
Monday, October 17, 2022 | 2:00pm - 4:30pm


This is the third of four UVA undergraduate class sections offered at The Center. You must register for each class section separately (links below to other three sessions).

"Introduction to Native American Indigenous Studies: Intergenerational Conversation about (Mis)Representations"

 From Pocahontas to Chief Wahoo, Native Americans have been portrayed as noble savages, brave warriors, spiritual shamans, and Indian princesses, greatly shaping the collective imaginings of Native peoples. This course offers an introduction to the broad field of Native American studies with a focus on the themes of identity and (mis)representation.

Professor Kasey Jernigan (UVA, American Studies and Anthropology) will teach four of her undergraduate classes at The Center. Undergraduate students taking this class will also come to The Center, bringing together young people and elders to engage in discussion as a way to bring in more voices, experience, wisdom, and thoughts. We hope to develop a long-term, sustainable course that brings community and young people together to learn and discuss some of the most pressing issues among Native Americans and the general population. We hope you’ll consider joining us for an exciting and thoughtful engagement and bring your thoughts, ideas, questions, and experiences to share.

Each meeting will involve discussion of materials (articles, chapters, podcasts, films, TV shows, etc.) which will be provided ahead of time. There will be a link on this webpage - stay tuned.

Monday, Oct 17: Cultural Appropriation

What is “cultural appropriation and how does it play into representations of Native peoples? How have debates around cultural appropriation shaped Native peoples’ abilities to push back on these instances? What does the law say about protecting Native communities and cultural markers?


Come prepared to engage with undergraduates from UVA around issues important to Native American/Indigenous peoples. This will look like small group discussions, collective film-screening, and questions and discussions. This is a great opportunity for inter-generational dialogue and learning across time/space about Native Studies. We value perspectives from all people and are looking to think through some of the toughest questions in Indian Country today. You may be as active or passive as you feel comfortable, as students and the professor will lead topics, but we encourage active engagement, as this makes for richer meetings and learning experiences.

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