Recorder Lessons

Recorder Lessons
Thursday, February 6, 2020


Learn the recorder, make music, and have fun! Gary Porter, longtime musician and teacher in the American Recorder Society, shares her love of the recorder and the music you can make with it. No experience is necessary, new members to the group are accepted at any time.

Intermediate: Classes are for those who have some skill in playing the recorder and know fingering for either F (alto/bass recorders) or C (soprano/tenor recorders). We will explore music written for the recorder and develop ensemble skills.


Ms. Porter uses the Suzuki Recorder Methods books for class instruction.  She says she is "particularly fond of the Yamaha ECODEAR instruments with Baroque fingering. Appropriate supplies can be purchased online from the following vendors:, West, Music &, Sweet, Shar, or"

* There is a $20/month fee; $25/month for guests.  Please contact Gary for Supplies requirement list. Students may attend one, two, or all classes for the same monthly fee.  All classes together are known as the C’ville Area Recorder Ensemble [CARE], affiliated with the American Recorder Society and students have all the benefits and privileges thereof at no extra cost.       

Call the Welcome Desk at (434) 974-7756 or contact Ms. Porter via email to register for class. 

Open to all.

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Recorder Lessons

January - member $20.00
January - guest $25.00
February - member $20.00
February - guest $25.00
March - member $20.00
March - guest $25.00