Diabetes Management (Online)

Diabetes Management  (Online)
Monday, June 7, 2021


Mondays, June 7-28, 1:00-2:30 pm

Presented by The Virginia Center for Diabetes Prevention & Education (VCDPE)

VCDPE will be offering four diabetes education classes for anyone who is interested in attending and learning how to better manage their diabetes. Don’t miss this opportunity to get reliable, research-based information on how to better care for diabetes and to get your questions answered. You can attend one class or all the classes. Free and open to all.

To register, please contact Viola Holmes at vjf7j@virginia.edu or (434)982-0173


Class #1 - The Basics of Diabetes (June 7)

This class is an overview of diabetes and covers areas identified by the American Diabetes Association as essential to successfully manage diabetes. Topics include: what is diabetes, blood glucose monitoring goals, medications, treatment of hypoglycemia, sick day guidelines, and preventing complications.  Physical activity is also discussed, and a certified wellness coach gets everybody moving with a brief resistance band workout. 

Class #2 - Nutrition Basics (June 14)

Get up-to-date information that can be readily used to plan meals that will improve blood glucose control and overall health. Topics include nutrient effects on blood glucose, healthy food and snack choices, serving sizes, reading food labels, and meal planning strategies.

Class #3 - Diabetes Self-Management Skills (June 21)

Discussion will include insulin and blood glucose pattern management, and how eating, activity, and medication can be adjusted to improve glucose. Stress management techniques are also discussed. 

Class #4 - Healthy Eating Lifestyle Changes (June 28)

This class will focus on the “how to” aspects of changing what you eat. Topics include shopping and preparing healthy meals, ways to cut calories, avoiding common eating traps.  At the end, participants set a goals for improving their lifestyle.


Classes are taught by Certified Diabetes Educators from the University of Virginia Diabetes Education and Management Program and are broadcast live from UVA.

Open to all.