Tributes - We Honor and Remember

Because donations to The Center provide key support for life-enriching programs, vital services and healthy-aging initiatives, your honor and memorial gifts empower local seniors and impact our whole community.

Honoring a loved one through a charitable donation to The Center can be a meaningful way to celebrate a friend or family member or remember their legacy. If you would like to, you can give online or in person at The Center’s Welcome Desk. Be sure to include a note with the name and contact information of your honoree. That way The Center can send notification of your gift to the person honored or the family of the loved one remembered (gift amounts are not shared).

Questions? Contact philanthropy coordinator Emily Evans at 434.974.7756 or

Gifts Made April 1, 2019 - May 31, 2019

In Honor Of…

AARP Tax Consultants
      By: Mary Berry

Clay Sisk
      By: Joy & Pete Cross

In Memory Of…

Ralph L. Feil
      By: Mary Louise & Dick Abidin
      By: Jan & John Redick
      By: George Roberts

Maxine Gentry
      By: Grace & Gene Carpenter

Al Falcone
      By: Linda Perriello

James Root
      By: Betsy Bean

Betty Smallwood
      By: Grace & Gene Carpenter
      By: Peter Thompson

Helen B. "Sandy" Snook
      By: Lloyd Snook & Sheila Haughey       

James Vance and Mary Paton Vance
      By: Eric Pfaff

Robert Whitworth
      By: Elizabeth Allan
      By: Betsy Bean
      By: Linda Breslau
      By: Lawrence Cabell
      By: Ronna Gray & Lester Pearlstein
      By: Harriet Hoctor Groeschel
      By: Kirstin Fritz      
      By: Joan Sours
      By: Peter Thompson
      By: Renee & William Vollrath