Tributes - We Honor and Remember

Because donations to The Center provide key support for life-enriching programs, vital services and healthy-aging initiatives, your honor and memorial gifts empower local seniors and impact our whole community.

Honoring a loved one through a charitable donation to The Center can be a meaningful way to celebrate a friend or family member or remember their legacy. If you would like to, you can give online or in person at The Center’s Welcome Desk. Be sure to include a note with the name and contact information of your honoree. That way The Center can send notification of your gift to the person honored or the family of the loved one remembered (gift amounts are not shared).

Questions? Contact philanthropy coordinator Emily Evans at 434.974.7756 or

Gifts Made October 1, 2018 - Jan 31, 2019

In Honor Of…

Marylee Bullock
By: Susan & Michael Sheffield

First and Second Wind Bands and The Flashbacks
     By: Bruce MacCall

Center Staff and Board
     By: Betsy Bean
     By: Barbara Millar

Joe Gieck:
     By: Mr. & Mrs. George Davies
     By: John L. Lanham   

Anne and Jon Megibow
     By: Melba Atkinson Cook

Clay Sisk
     By: William Florence, Jr.

Peter Thompson
     By: Leigh Middleditch
     By: Merle Thompson
     By: Kelly A. Thompson

The Travel Office
     By: Betsy Bean

In Memory Of…

Mabel Berger
     By: John Berger

Pat C. Cook
     By: Caryl A. Mueser

William Currier
     By: Jay Gammon
     By: Peter Thompson

Martha Cragun
     By: Dwight Cragun

K. N. Doraswamy
     By: Ms. Saras Sarasvathy

Gabriel Esquivel
     By: Margie Adamson
     By: Mary Barnabei
     By: Jim Brinkerhoff
     By: Karla Berger  
     By: Carol Cutler   
     By: Jim Craig
     By: Joe Hanlon
     By: Maxine Lorence
     By: Thomas McCormick
     By: Carolyn Rader
     By: Martha Roberts
     By: Susan Roberts      
     By: Richard Self
     By: Martha Sikes
     By: Clay Sisk
     By: Gordon Stewart
     By: Bobbie Thompson
     By: Marge Woolheater

Al Falcone
     By: Margie Adamson
     By: Elizabeth Allan
     By: Joyce P. Atwood  
​​​​​​​     By: Jean Baker
​​​​​​​     By: Betsy Bean
​​​​​​​     By: Betty Blackburn
​​​​​​​     By: Betty Bollendorf
​​​​​​​     By: Alice Brady
​​​​​​​     By: Larry & Dotty Brown
​​​​​​​     By: Linda Cardella
​​​​​​​     By: Norma Chadwick 
​​​​​​​     By: Sallie Duehring    
​​​​​​​     By: Jean Fording
​​​​​​​     By: Shirley French
​​​​​​​     By: Judith Gardner
​​​​​​​     By: Margaret Haugen
​​​​​​​     By: Roberta M. Hysell
​​​​​​​     By: Jennifer L. King
​​​​​​​     By: Lorna Derry Miller
​​​​​​​     By: Fred Mulholland
​​​​​​​     By: Sam & Elaine Muntner    
​​​​​​​     By: Linda Perriello
​​​​​​​     ​​​​​​​By: Wayne & Belinda Pullen 
​​​​​​​     By: Juanita M. Purvis  
​​​​​​​     By: Bruce W. Saunders 
     By: Cherie R. Scherzinger  
​​​​​​​     By: Zohra Siddiqui
​​​​​​​     By: Martha E. Sinden
​​​​​​​     By: Sherry Sinard 
​​​​​​​     By: John & Jan Stalfort
​​​​​​​     By: Edward & Louise Tayloe
​​​​​​​     By: Peter M. Thompson
​​​​​​​     By: Mildred & Robert Westbrook
​​​​​​​     By: Dan Yancey   

Ralph L. Feil
     By: Susan & Candler Brooks
     By: John Thiel

Robert French
     By: Shirley French

Gerald Farrell
     By: Anne Farrell

Lloyd & Ora Geer
     By: Leslie Geer

Maxine Gentry
     By: JJ Towler
     By: Betsy Bean
     By: Sandra Cohen
     By: Marge Haugen
     By: Peter Thompson
     By: Mildred & Robert Westbrook

Britt Gore
     By: Chris Gore

Joanne, Nelson & Andy Hall
     By: Kendra Hall

Al Highsmith
     By: Bruce Garretson
     By: Caryl A. Mueser
     By: Peter M. Thompson

Bill Hodson
     By: Gary Hall
     By: Ms. Roberta Hysell
     By: Nancy Rodgers
     By: Bruce W. Saunders
     By: Ann R. Toms
     By: Suzanne Velazquez
     By: Chuck and Geri Wilt

David Lewis:
     By: Joyce Lewis

Mary Henley Long
     By: Mary S. Willetts

Margaret Mahoney
     By: Mary Louise Spear

Doris Mays
     By: Caryl Mueser

Ron Mohr
     By: Jean Baker
     By: Wallace & Marilyn Downs
     By: Senior Center Golf Group

Debbie Naylor
     By: Susan & Michael Sheffield

Elizabeth Seabrook
     By: Teressa & Michael Seabrook

John Putalik
     By: Wallace & Marilyn Downs
     By: Senior Center Golf Group

Marie Thacker
     By: Elizabeth Bean
     By: Ladies' Poker Group
     By: Jean L. Zoumbaris

Marie Thacker
     By: Betty Bollendorf
     By: Alice Brady
     By: Peter M. Thompson

Bev Whitlock
     By: Edwina Addison
     By: Cherie R. Scherzinger

Bob & Betty Wessel
     By: Wendy W. Lester

Peter Way
     By: Wallace Downs
     By: Senior Center Golf Group