Tributes - We Honor and Remember

Because donations to The Center provide key support for life-enriching programs, vital services and healthy-aging initiatives, your honor and memorial gifts empower local seniors and impact our whole community.

Honoring a loved one through a charitable donation to The Center can be a meaningful way to celebrate a friend or family member or remember their legacy. If you would like to, you can give online or in person at The Center’s Welcome Desk. Be sure to include a note with the name and contact information of your honoree. That way The Center can send notification of your gift to the person honored or the family of the loved one remembered (gift amounts are not shared).

Questions? Contact philanthropy coordinator Emily Evans at 434.974.7756 or

Gifts Made February 1, 2019 - March 31, 2019

In Honor Of…

AARP Tax Preparers
      By: Jessie Branciforte
      By: Ramonde Gardner

Liz & Tom Allan
      By: James & Chere Tew

Center Staff
      By: Betsy Bean

Martha S. Fruehauf
      By: John Lanham

Joe Gieck
      By: George & Linda Davies

The Grand Gala Committee
      By: Jane Whitworth

Robyn Jackson
      By: Bill & Katya Spicuzza

Clay Sisk
      By: Margie Adamson
      By: Roy & Terresa Angles
      By: Senior Center Apple Mac Group
      By: Beverly Almond
      By: Mary Barbabei
      By: Susan Bremer
      By: Lucy Burnette
      By: Jim Craig
      By: Sally Pecora Dunn
      By: Vicky Eicher
      By: Linda Fanning
      By: Jim Fergus
      By: Maxine Lorence
      By: Gretchen McKee
      By: Yates Nobles
      By: Carolyn Radar
      By: Martha Roberts
      By: Susan Roberts
      By: Joyce Root
      By: Richard Self
      By: Martha Sikes
      By: William Taylor
      By: Bobbie Thompson
      By: Team Turrentine
      By: Doug Webbink

In Memory Of…

Shirley Bloom
      By: Betsy Bean
      By: Betty Bollendorf

Richard David
      By: Mike Silverman

Al Falcone:
      By: Tracy Meade

Ralph L. Feil
      By: Anonymous
      By: Dick & Mary Louise Abidin
      By: Steven & Margaret Ball
      By: Barr Giving Fund
      By: Blue Ridge Insurance Services, Inc.
      By: Spencer & Diane Birdsong
      By: Victoria Blackford
      By: Thomas & Judy Boyd
      By: French Locke Boyer
      By: Lucius & Pamela Bracey
      By: Jacqueline Brownfield
      By: Susan & Candler Brooks
      By: David & Gerry Callaghan
      By: Meta Chisholm
      By: Sarah Dandridge
      By: Bill & Heather Dickey
      By: Larry & Jamie Dunaway
      By: Rick & Susan Goings Foundation
      By: Lenhart Pettit
      By: Joel & Betty Loving
      By: Shawn Mooney & Peggy Mawbray
      By: Charles & Lesley Marshall
      By: Gary McGee
      By: Clara Mincer
      By: Ann & Carter Myers
      By: Hans & Sandra Natterer
      By: Chuck & Whitley Rotgin
      By: Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Schmitz        
      By: Robert Whaley and Susan Seidler Charitable Fund
      By: Jennifer Shirkey
      By: Hunter Smith
      By: Diana Strickler
      By: Judith Taibl
      By: Andrew Taibl
      By: Dickie & Louise Tayloe
      By: John & Norene Thiel       
      By: Peter M. Thompson
      By: Mr. & Mrs. Jay Tracy
      By: Ron & Lynda Tweel
      By: Vivian Wade
      By: Cathleen Welsh
      By: Williams Mullen Law Firm
      By: Paul & Diane Wood
      By: Margaret Wood
      By: Arleen Yobs
      By: Chuck & Elinor Zegelbone

Maude Greef
      By: Jean Baker
      By: Phyllis Jackson

James Kelly
      By: Aileen Kelly

Doris Mays
      By: Betsy Bean
      By: Paul Mays, Jr.

Jim Root
      By: Norma Chadwick
      By: Jennifer & Bobby Crews
      By: Harold Olinger
      By: Judy Gardner

Betty Smallwood:
      By: Jeanette Ern
      By: Larry & Betty Goss
      By: Jane Kerewich
      By: Sarah Marshall
      By: Lorna Derry Miller
      By: Scott Milstead
      By: Ruth Parsons
      By: Wayne Pullen
      By: Jefferson Strider

Ruth Tavormina
      By: Susan Pohedra

Brooks Thorn
      By: Art Thorn

Ann R. Waldner
      By: Wendy Waldner Flynn

Bev Whitlock
      By: Ruth Parsons