Current Events Talk - July 8 (ON SITE)

Current Events Talk - July 8 (ON SITE)
Wednesday, May 27, 2020


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July 8 topic

Immigration Reform: Past, Present and Future.” Join Jim Donahue from the Charlottesville History Club for a vibrant discussion.  He will recap the various immigration measures that Congress has taken over the previous 30 years and then open the floor for discussion.

Debates about immigration have been around a long time but have heated up in the past ten years.

Some stress that America is a nation of immigrants. They point to the hard work of immigrants in farming and building and the immigrants’ contributions in science and technology. Protect the youths who grew up here (DACA), they urge, and keep the doors of opportunity open for newcomers!

Others warn that millions of people want to move here because of troubles in their countries. We cannot accept everyone who wants to come to the USA. Immigration should be limited to those who will not be a burden on our schools, hospitals, and social services. Also, we should not let immigrants take jobs away from Americans, especially during a pandemic and recession.

What do you think? What lessons do you draw from our history of immigration, and what should our leaders do about the many people who want to come here?





Open to all.

The Center

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Current Events Talk - July 8 (ON SITE)

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