American Mah Jongg Beginner Lessons (Nov/Dec)

Thursday, December 5, 2019


Thursdays, 3:30 - 5:30 PM, November 7 through December 12

(NOTE: Class will meet on Tuesday, November 26, during the week of Thanksgiving)

American Mah Jongg (mahjong) is a “centuries-old version of rummy.”  It is played at three- or four-person tables with a set of 152 Chinese-symbol tiles. The game is relatively easy to learn but requires luck along with focused effort and regular play to develop skills needed to win.  These lessons and games require a $4 purse (in quarters) plus a 2019 playing card (a cost of $9) that can be purchased online from the National Mah Jongg League (   Game materials will be handed out for the first two lessons, so you do not initially need to bring the card or money. It’s fun and it stimulates your brain! Please register at The Center’s Welcome Desk or below if you are interested. Free for members.

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American Mah Jongg Beginner Lessons (Nov/Dec)

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