Intermediate Spanish

Intermediate Spanish
Tuesday, February 18, 2020


Intermediate Spanish  (Tuesdays at 2:10 pm)


In this year long course we use McGraw Hill’s Spanish Conversation by Jean Yates in the series of “Practice Makes Perfect”.  The text serves as a guide for expanding your conversational fluency through the use of realistic everyday dialogues.  The exercises in the text will be complemented by handouts that include personal questions which make use of the expressions presented in each lesson.  During September and October we shall be reviewing the two key simple past tenses, the preterit and imperfect, which were introduced at the end of the Beginning Spanish course.  In this course the student’s knowledge of the basic structure of the language will be expanded to include complex sentences with dependent noun, adjective, and adverbial clauses which often require the use of the subjunctive mood. 

We shall be meeting three times a month and cover about a lesson a month:  the first week working with the exercises in the text, the second week with the personal questions on the handouts, and the third week, completing the final exercise in the text which usually entails writing a short paragraph using as many of the expressions presented in the lesson as possible.

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Intermediate Spanish

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