Investing to Retire

Investing to Retire
Wednesday, August 15, 2018



This is a 4-week series on Thursdays, Sept. 27, Oct. 4, 11, 18

Learn how to put together a team of trusted advisors and understand the role each plays in investment planning. Learn about the different types of investments, investment principals and strategies and ways to align investments with your financial goals. 

Participants will understand the process of creating a retirement budget that plans for inflation and predicts future income and expenses. They will gain an ability to estimate retirement income and calculate net worth. 

In this 4 week workshop (2 hours each week) discover:

  • How to prepare for life after paid work
  • How to incorporate tax and inflation assumptions decades ahead
  • How to asses and use various investment options in your portfolio
  • ...and much more!

(This is a repeat of the August 15 - September 5 series.)


ABOUT THE SERIES - The goal of the Financial Wellness Series is to help seniors increase their financial understanding, helping them become better stewards of their own resources. Lectures on managing money and investing will be offered free of charge during the summer and early fall. Four-week workshops supporting seniors in planning for retirement will be offered in the late summer and early fall for a $20 fee.

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