Pickleball - Saturday

Pickleball - Saturday
Saturday, March 21, 2020


Combine a bit of tennis, a touch of badminton, and a helping of ping pong and what do you get? Pickleball, the fastest growing sport in the country!

Although it appears very similar to tennis, key differences (the slower speed of the ball and a smaller court size) make it accessible to a wider range of players, particularly seniors.

Pickleball has great health benefits: it lowers blood pressure, burns body fat, improves balance and hand-eye coordination, and is great for your social life.

Warning -- Pickleball can be extremely addictive! We are thrilled to be partnering with the Central Virginia Pickleball Club for this program! The times listed take place at the Key Recreation Center and the cost is $2 (payable at the Key Rec. Center).

If you are interested in playing, please contact program leader Gene Rabois at cevapickleball@gmail.com.

See other Pickleball times below:

Mondays 6:45—9:00 pm

Tuesdays 2:00—4:30 pm

Wednesdays 12:00—4:30 pm

Thursdays 5:00—9:00 pm

Fridays 2:15—4:15 pm

Open to all.

Key Recreation Center