Elder Law with Doris Gelbman (ON SITE)

Elder Law with Doris Gelbman  (ON SITE)
Tuesday, August 20, 2019




August 18: Assisted Living and Nursing Facilities – What’s the Difference?

Many people believe that they can check into Assisted Living or a Nursing Home like they might go into a hotel. That’s typically not what happens. More often a medical crisis results in hospitalization and from the hospital, folks are discharged to a facility to help with “rehab.” Following rehab, decisions have to be made about keeping the recovering, perhaps now frailer, patient safe and working to improve (or maintain) their health. Can they go home? Perhaps. Maybe not. So then what? Learn about the differences between Assisted Living, and Memory Care, “Health & Rehabilitation” facilities and Nursing Facilities. What are differences? What does it cost? Who pays?


September 15: Having “The” Conversation: You and Your Adult Children

Waiting for the perfect opportunity to have “the” talk? Aging parents and their adult children seem to have lots of resistance against discussing issues that face all of us as we age. How will we manage our money and property? Where we will we live as we grow older and our health fails? Who will take care of us? How will it be paid for? And there are vital pieces of information that must be shared between us - particularly as it relates to health and healthcare.  Come on… let’s talk about “the” talk!


October 20: End of Life Planning

There’s much to discuss and it is never too soon to start. Afterall, life is terminal from the moment we are born. In this session we are going to explore Advanced Medical Directives, Do Not Resuscitate Orders (DNR), POLST (Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment), hospice care and funeral planning.



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Elder Law with Doris Gelbman (ON SITE)

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