Capturing Landscape and Wildlife Photographs with an Aesthetic Difference (ONLINE)

Capturing Landscape and Wildlife Photographs with an Aesthetic Difference (ONLINE)
Wednesday, June 23, 2021


This series has started.  Registration is now closed.

Six Wednesdays from  June 16-July 28 

This six-week online photography class will help you learn and apply aesthetic decisions during the process of shooting photographs. These decisions will help you achieve more dramatic, dynamic and interesting photographs. Technical decisions, such as proper exposure, sharp focus and white balance, are important and are the areas of concentration for most photography instruction. This class, however, will concentrate on artistic qualities and principles that can make the difference between just technically good photographs versus visually strong and interesting images that attract the viewer. These qualities include such important principles as composition, quality of light, format, angle of view, tonality, contrast, use of color versus black and white, and timing. Lecture time during the class will focus on these aesthetics with images of the instructor and those from your weekly shooting assignments that will be presented and discussed by the full class (Participation limited to 12-15 persons). 

Join Ben and other photography enthusiasts to learn the differences between technical and aesthetic photography decisions, to recognize the opportunities to apply artistic principles to your photographs and to capture images that reflect the important decisions you make during the process of shooting and processing your images.

About The Instructor:

Ben Greenberg is a lifelong resident of Virginia. He has photographed scenic vistas in Virginia, the mid-Atlantic area and many locations in the United States for more than fifty years, the last forty-five as a professional photographer. His carefully crafted images have won local and national awards and competitions. Ben's photographs have been exhibited in numerous individual and group shows, featured in diverse publications and purchased by thousands of Virginians.

Ben's first photography book, Natural Virginia, celebrates the natural beauty of Virginia with 122 panoramic landscape photographs from throughout the state. Natural Virginia highlights dedicated state organizations committed to preserving Virginia's fragile environment for future generations. It is dedicated to all who take pleasure in these scenic locations. A veteran photography teacher and lecturer for camera clubs, OLLI, the Charlottesville Photography Initiative,and other organizations, Ben has two websites showcasing his landscape and wildlife images and his book

Open to all.