Do You Have Black Friends or do You just Know Black People? (ONLINE)

Do You Have Black Friends or do You just Know Black People? (ONLINE)
Wednesday, March 24, 2021 | 5:30pm - 7:00pm


Your efforts to build an inclusive community are dependent on your desire and ability to develop meaningful relationships. Allison Linney has spent more than 30 years learning how to explore privilege and bias and then transform that insight into a foundation for strong friendships that can endure difficult moments, bring us joy, and support lasting change.

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Allison Linney is the President and Founder of Allison Partners, an organizational development consulting firm serving corporate, non-profit, and public sector clients in Virginia and around the world. As a coach, trainer, facilitator, and consultant, Allison’s clients benefit from her thoughtful candor and broad experience in areas including effective communication, management and supervision, balance, and team development. Allison received her BA and MBA from the University of Virginia and has been supporting diversity, equity, inclusion, and accountability work since she first came to Charlottesville in 1991.

Open to all.