Pressing Reset (On site)

Friday, May 7, 2021


When you were a child, you experienced life through your body. Through learning how to move, you nourished and developed your brain and your body. From the beginning, you were pre-programmed to move with grace, fluidity, strength and power through your original movement patterns. No one needed to teach these movements to you; as a baby your body just knew to do them. 

As adults we stopped exploring our world through movement. Generally, we stopped using our bodies and became stagnant. There are things we believe we can no longer do due to fear, pain or lack of health. This was never the truth! The truth is that you can be strong and move well your entire life. In this class we will PRESS RESET, returning to and retraining our bodies to their “factory settings” – the original movements which bring about healing, strength and resilience. You will move at your own pace as you explore your original strength.


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PRESSING RESET! Finding Strength Through Original Movements Check it out with Beth Valorz Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Original Strength Trainer.



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Pressing Reset (On site)

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