Touring the Sistine Chapel with Olga (ONLINE)

Touring the Sistine Chapel with Olga (ONLINE)
Thursday, July 2, 2020 | 3:00pm - 4:00pm


Rome resident and tour guide Olga Cuckovic presents the Sistine Chapel of Vatican City. Olga will include the historical backdrop, some facts, some interpretations and… some gossip. Learn about the three different periods during which the Chapel was frescoed, the masters who painted it, and how Michelangelo revolutionized the art of painting ceilings. We will dedicate special attention to the most famous fresco of all, the creation of Adam, and try to figure out why even women have such overly muscular bodies in Michelangelo’s works. Olga has managed tours for over 30 years in Italy, Central Europe and Croatia and Bosnia, and hails from Dubrovnik, Croatia. Free and open to the community

Olga has worked for one of the best US tour operators for luxury travel, Tauck, as coordinator and a guide for some of their chains of groups that come to Rome. She’s also specialised in private tours for families and individual custom-made itineraries. She started working as a guide at the age of 18 in her hometown of Dubrovnik. A lover of art, she obtained her Master’s degree in Arts Management at the American University of Rome last year, and is currently working on obtaining her TEFL certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). 

You may wish to visit her site or find her on Instagram under her full name Olga Cuckovic.


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